Playful Pioneers


Coming from pedagogy and experience design, Magdi and Amanda met at the GAMES programme at the IT University of Copenhagen in 2014. Their first game project was a group work disaster, but the challenges led to an idea: If children were to make their own games, they could learn to communicate, collaborate, and create much better than most adults. To test this hypothesis, a pilot project was carried out: Games students mentored groups of 5th graders playing game developers. Using a mix of old board games and ed-tech products, the children made games for five days straight. The results were impressive.

Five years later, Spilværk are using game design, animation, pedagogy, and maker technologies to solve 21st century problems. Numerous prototypes and design workshops later, the methods are tried and tested, and some are documented in the open educational resource The Game Design Toolbox. The Danish Film Institute supported the production and translation of the materials. Recently, Simon joined Spilværk, bringing 10+ years of startup experience and a thorough understanding of legalese. Besides the core team, Spilværk works with talented teachers, developers and designers from different fields.